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🤪We are insurance and risk management experts, technicians, thinkers, and designers who live and breathe to bring you the information you need to succeed.

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Executive Team

William McIntyre IV

♐ American Contractors Insurance Group, Ltd. (ACIG)

Jack Gibson

President & CEO

Joel Appelbaum

Executive Vice President, Chief Content Officer

Mike Wojcik

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Ron Allen

Chief Financial Officer

Stokes McIntyre

Vice Chairman
ꦕ MindForge Studios

Ann Hickman

Assistant Vice President, Editorial

Crystal Lewis

Assistant Vice President, Controller

Heidi Vincent

Assistant Vice President, Marketing

Lee Hill

Assistant Vice President, Client Engagement

Richard Scislowski

Assistant Vice President, Product Development

Content Team

Bonnie Rogers

Research Editor

Christine Fuge

Senior Research Analyst

Donna Wright

Product Manager

Edgar Martinez

Assistant Research Analyst

Royce (Gene) Farnsworth Jr.

Senior Research Analyst

Henry Story

Senior Research Analyst

W. Jeffrey Woodward

Senior Research Analyst

Jes Alexander

Senior Research Analyst

Linda Robinson

Editorial Director

Lisa Smuckler

Senior Research Analyst, Corporate Counsel

Robin Olson

Senior Research Analyst

Veronica Bates

Senior Research Analyst

Conference Management Team

Profile image of Jeff Riggs

Jeffrey (Jeff) Riggs

Director of Conference Management

Profile image of Brenda Stevens

Brenda Stevens

Education Coordinator

Marketing Team

Profile image of Rachel Capes

Rachel Capes

Digital Marketing Specialist

Profile image of Scott McCullough

Scott McCullough

Creative Director

Client Engagement Team

Profile image of Allison Fast

Allison Fast

Sales Operations Analyst
Profile image of Deborah Burgess

Deborah Burgess

Training and Engagement Specialist
Profile image of Lloyd Ahten

Lloyd Ahten

Customer Account Specialist

Profile image of Marty Mitcham

Marty Mitcham

Lead Resource Consultant

Profile image of Michelle Waldrep

Michelle Waldrep

Resource Consultant

Profile image of Monica Sturgeon

Monica Sturgeon

Business Development Manager

Profile image of Laura Rangel

Laura Rangel

Sponsorship Support Specialist

Profile image of Becky McCarthy

Becky McCarthy

Senior Customer Success Specialist

Profile image of Kierra Hickombottom

Kierra Hickombottom

Customer Success Specialist

Profile image of David Snelling

David Snelling

Resource Consultant

Profile Image of Shanna Adams

Shanna Adams

Director of Customer Success and Engagement

Operations Team

Profile image of Angie Pearce

Angie Pearce

Accounts Payable Clerk

Profile image of Fabiola Deleon

Fabiola Deleon

Staff Accountant

Profile image of Debra Boughton

Debra Boughton

Web Content Specialist

Profile image of Debra Walton

Debra Walton

Production Director

Profile image of Chris Gabrysch

Chris Gabrysch

Copy Editor II

Profile image of Sarah Weeks

Sarah Weeks

Assistant Editor

Profile image of Sarah Young

Sarah Young

Copy Editor II

Profile image of Tiffany French

Tiffany French

Copy Editor III

Profile image of Erika Jones

Erika Jones

Director of HR and Administration

Profile image of Tara Dye

Tara Dye

HR Coordinator

Profile image of Stephanie Corlett

Stephanie Corlett

Staff Accountant

Profile image of Holly Thornton

Holly Thornton

Executive Assistant to the CCO

Profile image of Lisa Atanaoff

Lisa Atanasoff

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Profile image of LaRitha McBride

LaRitha McBride

Office Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Profile image of Renee Bates

Renee Bates

Accounts Payable Clerk

Profile image of Josh Steves

Josh Steves

Director of Content Strategy

Profile Image of Jim Wheeler

Jim Wheeler

Content Architect

Profile Image of Stephanie Quinn

Stephanie Quinn

Content Operations Supervisor

Profile Image of Michelle Scheuter

Michelle Scheuter

Media Assets Coordinator

Profile Image of Everett Schroeter

Everett Schroeter

Assistant Controller

Profile Image of  My Alarcon

My Alarcon

Senior Project Planner

Profile Image of Pat Hykkonen

Pat Hykkonen

Information Security Director

Profile Image of Susan Diaz

Susan Diaz

IT Director

Profile image of Seth Hosington

Seth Hoisington

Network Administrator

Profile Image of Robbi Holman

Robbi Holman

Technical Support Analyst

Profile Image of John Rodenmayer

John Rodenmayer

Senior Web Software Developer

Profile Image of Keenen Juengerman

Keenen Juengerman

Dev/Ops Engineer

Profile Image of Joseph Fox

Joseph Fox

Lead Web Software Developer

Profile image of JM Pose

JM Pose

System Administrator

Profile Image of Joe Phommasone

Joe Phommasone

Web Software Developer

Profile Image of Emily Huynh

Emily Huynh

Web Software Developer

Profile Image of Zach Gummow

Zach Gummow

Senior Web Software Developer

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