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Tools for Your Insurance Coverage Legal Research

"Claims, Case Law, and Legal" showcases important insurance coverage case law that directly impacts how insurers handle claims as well as the scope of coverage afforded to insureds. Many times, when an insurer and its insured disagree over the extent of coverage afforded by the policy, a lawsuit is filed. It is then up to the courts to resolve these disputes by ruling on issues such as duty to defend, who is insured, the scope of coverage afforded, and whether any exclusions or conditions limit coverage. Use these IRMI products to learn about claims disputes and follow how the courts handle them.

Featured Expert Commentary

Claims Practices

🅰Mortgagee Has No Right to Insurance Proceeds after Debt Paid

𝔉 May 12, 2023 | Barry Zalma

Claims Practices

Building Must Fall To Trigger Collapse Coverage

āĻ“ January 04, 2023 | Barry Zalma

Regulation and Compliance

How Are Commercial Service Contracts Regulated?

ęĻ“ December 01, 2022 | Aaron E Lunt

Claims Practices

Insured's Release of Insurer Defeats Claim of Third Party

ęĻš August 05, 2022 | Barry Zalma

Subscription Resources: Insurance Law Essentials

𝓡Insurance Law Essentials provides you with valuable tools for insurance coverage legal research. These subscription resources, continually updated and vetted by IRMI research analysts, will provide you with the tools you need to effectively and efficiently stay up to date on trends in coverage disputes and research coverage case law.

Your subscription to Insurance Law Essentials includes the following resources.

COVID Coverage Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in billions of dollars of lost business income, causing hundreds of business interruption lawsuits filed against commercial property insurers. Track this litigation by stateęĻ¯ and read the actual pleadings, the important motions filed by each party, the court's final ruling on coverage, and the policies involved. 

Deep Dives

īˇŊDeep Dives are legal articles written by expert insurance coverage attorneys from across the nation. The articles focus on current issues with significant implications for insurance professionals. Added regularly, articles address recent cases, coverage issues, and trends relating to COVID-19, policy conditions, construction, claims handling, litigation trends, and other topics. 

Insurance Law Reporter

The Reporter delivers important insurance coverage decisions straight to your inbox twice a month. It alerts you to breaking coverage decisions, organized by coverage line and jurisdiction, so you can quickly find the cases that are important to you. With the insight of the most respected insurance coverage minds in the country at your fingertips, you will be made aware of key trends and insights—no law degree required. Available only to subscribers of Insurance Law Essentials.

Additional Tools and Resources

Comprehensive solutions to help you answer questions quickly and correctly

Claims Operations: A Practical Guide

♛ Written for both experienced and new insurance professionals, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how the claims process is handled, controlled, and managed and its interrelationship with other functional departments.

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How To Draft and Interpret Insurance Policies

🔜 This working tool guides legal and risk professionals step by step through the process of interpreting or crafting policy language, from applying a basic coverage analysis to looking for overriding concerns to understanding advanced coverage issues like the reasonable expectations doctrine.

The Risk Report

đ’Ē Provides analysis and interpretation of the latest innovations in insurance coverage and risk management practices. Use this information to reinforce client trust, stay knowledgeable on important coverage and risk management strategies, and keep up with emerging loss exposures.

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IRMI's Influence in the Courts: Shaping Insurance Law

𓂃 Courts rely on IRMI publications and services when deciding complicated insurance litigation. See details of some decisions and a list of cases citing IRMI reference services, expert commentary, and glossary definitions in this report.

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50 Insurance Cases Every Attorney or Risk Professional Should Know

🌠 Review the most interesting, influential, and vital property-casualty insurance coverage cases, along with insightful analysis on the implications of those decisions.

50 Reinsurance Cases Every Risk Professional Should Know

✱ This report analyzes the top 50 most important and noteworthy reinsurance coverage cases and their implications.